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      NEW — lack of exercise

      Fitness|The next day of retraining is so sore! Can I go to the gym again?

      Fitness|The next day of retraining is so sore! Can I go to the gym again?

      The next day after retraining muscle soreness, feel not too much force ...... Is the muscle growing or is it a muscle strain? Shouldn't I rest for a while? The reason for the muscle soreness is clear before you make a decision!


      Do I have a strain or soreness?

      After training, soreness starts to occur the next day, we call this phenomenon delayed soreness, delayed soreness is the discomfort caused by small injuries after training. This small injury is the starting point for muscle growth, and the small injury allows the body to heal itself and grow stronger muscle fibers. And this kind of soreness is usually able to continue training. But if it's a strain, it's not good, strains are divided into mild, moderate and severe muscle strains.

      Mild strain: The muscle fibers are mildly damaged and will recover in about two to three weeks. Pain will be felt when pressing or exerting force.

      Moderate strain: Moderate damage to the muscle fibers, but the fibers are not completely broken and will recover in about three to six weeks.

      Severe strains: complete rupture of the muscle, usually requiring surgical repair and healing time of three months or more

      The most common confusion is between mild strain and delayed soreness, so how do you tell the difference? There is a difference between the two if you feel more carefully. Muscle soreness will usually feel sore and tight, with a feeling that the muscles can't be pulled apart and usually only every other day, lasting less than a week. The muscle strain will feel tingling, hot, and a feeling of weakness. Immediately after the injury, or a few hours later, the duration will be more than a week.

      Now we know that the simple muscle soreness is still able to continue to exercise, that exercise need to pay attention to what?

      When the muscles are still sore, because there are still small injuries and discomfort, affecting sports performance is certain, it is not advisable to exercise for too long or do high-intensity sports, if you do not pay proper attention, a careless may really become a sports injury need to rest a few weeks! Finally, we also want to remind you that although the non-strain pain is able to continue to exercise, but muscle growth is required to repair in order to grow, continuous damage plus the accumulation of fatigue will only cause a vicious cycle, so do not forget to moderate rest!

      What should I do if I have a strain

      If the injury is severe, or if there is immobility, open wounds, or loss of consciousness, then seek professional medical attention immediately. For minor strains, it is not recommended to rest completely after the injury. After a few days of injury, it is recommended to move around as much as you can. Why do you say that?

      1,Do not let the muscles atrophy because they are not moving.

      2,Allow the brain to update the data of the affected area at all times to prevent it from being overprotected by the brain after recovery.

      3, Moderate activity can increase blood circulation and help self-healing.

      4,A little movement can make the tissue grow more neatly and beautifully. For example, stretch the injured muscle slightly, for about 30 seconds each time, and repeat 5 times. The injured muscle should be trained slowly from lighter strength to heavier strength and should not feel any special pain during the process.

      Today's part of the strains will be briefly discussed with you here, the strains are still very profound, so I will help you to do more detailed introduction when I have the opportunity to further study and compile a set of information! If you really want to know, there is almost always a lot of literature on muscle strains in the rehabilitation departments of hospitals, so you might as well try to study it!

      Why must you wear sports underwear for running? The right lingerie will make your breasts stronger

      Why must you wear sports underwear for running? The right lingerie will make your breasts stronger

      Why do you have to wear sports underwear when you exercise? Ziqing was once very confused, thinking that it would be better to wear ordinary underwear, right? Only later found that this concept is very wrong ah! Wearing ordinary underwear although there is a steel ring support, but because of the impact of more intense movement in the process of shaking, if the breasts can not be fixed or support is not enough, long-term serious may cause the phenomenon of breast sagging, really very mother soup ah ~ if the case of excessive exercise, will cause pectoralis major muscle tears and other sports injuries oh, so we recommend that you exercise or wear special sports underwear, to protect the breasts of everyone's responsibility! !

      The benefits of sports underwear

      In fact, the main function of sports underwear is to "support" and "cover" the breasts, the structure of sports underwear can give good support to the breasts, but also to avoid the discomfort caused by muscle pulling due to breast vibration and shaking during running, not only that, fast-drying, moisture-wicking, sweat-wicking material is also the characteristic of sports underwear, sports underwear also has the function of "anti-friction", so that girls in the training process, not only to improve the comfort of running, but also to enhance sports performance.

      What should I pay attention to when buying sports underwear for the first time?

      l suggest that when you buy sports underwear, you should try it on first as well as buying running shoes, because every girl's bust is different, so you must choose the right size for yourself to achieve results!

      There are three types of sports underwear 



      Low intensity section.

      As the name implies, the low-intensity model is suitable for lower intensity exercises such as aerobic yoga and static stretching, and its support effect is the lowest, also suitable for girls with smaller cups to wear, but don't be discouraged by small-chested girls, its appearance style is the most abundant oh, in clothing with a little thought, can also become a fashionable look!

      Medium strength section.

      Medium-strength models are suitable for jogging, long-distance running, cycling sports underwear, of which there are two types of "bra type" and "tank top type", bra type is suitable for girls with fuller breasts, because they need stronger support to protect; tank top type is suitable for girls with smaller breasts, I am accustomed to wearing tank top type, because it is not easy to rub when running, do not have to worry about falling off to be able to run at ease, in addition, if you are also a fan of long-distance running, because of the long-term wear, you must pay special attention to the comfort of the material, do not forget that fast drying, moisture absorption, sweat wicking is the key when buying.


      High intensity section.


      High-intensity models suitable for sprinting, aerobic dance, basketball, tennis, those who need to run and jump, vibration stronger sports, as well as for girls with fuller breasts to wear, this kind of sports underwear hidden a special steel ring, can gently wrap around the chest and give strong support, but do not feel the pressure caused by the steel ring to wear, in addition to this type of sports underwear price is slightly higher, but for the sake of sports safety and health, girls must pay special attention to their own conditions before buying.

      Editorial share sports dressing tips 


      After girls buy sports underwear suitable for their own style, and then decide the elements is the appearance of the color oh, purple clear to share to the girls when the sport of a careful mechanism, if you are confident in their abdominal line girls, you can try to wear sports underwear alone to run oh! With the overall outfit so that not only can show a charming waist, but also can appear to be a girl with energy and bright eyes! Let the sport when you are no longer only sports, sports before a little thought, but also for the sport to bring a little more fun!


      Are you a mountain climbing shoes or rain shoes faction?3 mountain climbing before the selection of shoes points!

      Are you a mountain climbing shoes or rain shoes faction?3 mountain climbing before the selection of shoes points!

      Are you a hiking shoe or a rain shoe person? When Dora first started climbing, I often heard people say that only really good climbers would wear rain shoes, but is that really true? Dora himself does not have climbing shoes, it is because I think climbing shoes are too expensive for me, so I only bought rain shoes inside and add a thick insole, shockproof insole. However, even if the rain shoes add an insole and tie an ankle guard, the coverage cannot be as perfect as hiking shoes, and they are not breathable. Every time I climb, Dora can't stand the feeling of stuffy feet, and across the many things into the shoes, although they can keep warm, but will be more stuffy. For Dora, I think both hiking shoes and rain shoes have their advantages and disadvantages, the most important thing is to choose the right shoes for yourself, and go up the mountain with a happy mood, and come down safely and happily! Let Dora tell the girls 3 important points to note before choosing shoes!

      It doesn't matter what kind of shoes you wear, what matters is your persistence and love for hiking.

      Are you a mountain climbing shoes or rain shoes faction?3 mountain climbing before the selection of shoes points!

      Advantages of Rain Shoes

      The price is cheaper

      Rain shoes can be bought in a couple of hundred, and can be bought at ordinary hardware stores (Xiaobei Department Store). In contrast, a pair of more durable hiking shoes at least 3000 yuan, more expensive. So Dora suggests that girls who do not often climb, or have a budget, can choose to get rain shoes first, which can greatly reduce the burden of novice climbers!


      When it rains heavily, you don't have to worry about the problem of water entering your shoes, and you can also wear them directly across the stream!

      Easy to clean

      Mountain shoes also need to be oiled and maintained in order to wear them for a longer period of time. Even if the rain shoes are covered with mud, it is more convenient to wash them with water, and you won't feel pain when they get dirty because they are cheap!

      The shortcomings of rain shoes

      Low wrap-around properties

      Rain shoes can not be completely covered, the palm of the foot is easy to slide, the degree of protection for the ankle is also very poor. The heel will easily rub against the rain shoes, which may break the heel, and when going downhill, it is easy to top the toe, making it easy to hurt the toe.

      The sole of the shoe is thin

      It is recommended that insoles, ankle guards and woolen socks be used to help cover the foot to reduce the space between the foot and the shoe to reduce the chance of injury.

      Material is not hardy

      When it rains, the hiking trails are slippery and muddy everywhere. This time to wear rain shoes, although the feet are not easy to wet better, but rain shoes can not wear ice claws, the body quality is not hardy enough.

      3 important points before choosing shoes


      People who want to start climbing for the first time, but are not sure if they will continue to climb in the future: it is recommended to consider getting rain shoes or cheaper climbing shoes first.

      People who want to start climbing but have a limited budget: Decano, MERRELL, Salomon, Keen, SIRIO

      People who have decided to climb and want to buy better equipment: LOWA, Zamberlan, Mammut

      Which mountain do you want to climb?

      If the mountain you usually walk on is a suburban mountain in Taiwan (below 1000 m), either hiking shoes or rain shoes are generally OK, and if you like intermediate mountains (around 1500-2500 m), such as Songluo Lake, Garo Lake, Katai Vertical, High Island Vertical, and other popular intermediate mountains, many people would highly recommend rain shoes, but in fact both types of shoes are fine, depending on the characteristics of your own feet. If you want to climb Baekdu and the Central Mountain Range, you should consider warmth and support, and rain shoes are less friendly to broken terrain and sharp rocky paths, so we suggest girls consider getting hiking shoes.

      Personal Needs 

      Whether you choose hiking shoes or rain shoes, the most important thing is to "understand the characteristics of the foot", to understand their usual walking force point, the foot sole force situation is consistent, whether there is a skewed situation. Dora herself is flat-footed, and when walking will have a skewed, outward eight situation, so every time down the mountain when the knee is easily injured and painful trouble. Girls are advised to consider what kind of shoes are suitable for their feet when choosing shoes. A good pair of shoes can be of great help when climbing and can make it much easier for girls when climbing. If the ankle is often injured, or wear sports shoes will easily feel very sore legs girls, it is more recommended that you choose hiking shoes.

      I hope that after reading this article, girls will be able to answer their questions about choosing hiking shoes. If you are thinking about buying shoes in the near future, whether you want to buy rain shoes or hiking shoes, we recommend that girls go to the stores directly to try them on, so that you can pick the shoes that are good to wear and that fit you best!


      What should I do if I encounter a stagnation period during weight loss? Master 4 small steps to break through the stagnation period easily!

      What should I do if I encounter a stagnation period during weight loss? Master 4 small steps to break through the stagnation period easily!

      I believe that the girls in the weight loss, must have had such an experience, that is, the slimming stagnation period! Dora in the past during the weight loss is the most annoying is to encounter the stagnation period, it is easy to successfully lose a few kilos, feel some hope, but then maintain the same weight for several weeks, obviously already very hard exercise weight has not dropped, really annoying! Dear girls, if you also have the same trouble, do not worry! Follow Dora's 4 small steps below to do, you can easily break through the stagnation period! Without further ado, let's take a look at the following!

      Stagnation period is the weight loss and slimming will certainly encounter the situation, although difficult, but as long as you overcome it, you can avoid re-fat .

      What should I do if I encounter a stagnation period during weight loss? Master 4 small steps to break through the stagnation period easily!

      4 small steps to break through the stagnation period

      Try different aerobic exercises and increase the intensity of the exercise


      During the slimming period, in addition to dietary control, of course, there must be no exercise, but girls should remember that aerobic exercise must last more than 30 minutes to see the effect. Swimming, running, cycling and so on are considered aerobic exercise, and the stagnation period in weight loss and slimming is because the body will get used to the original exercise intensity, so do a long time the effect of weight loss will be reduced. Dora suggested that the girls can strengthen the intensity of the exercise, or try some cardio exercise that has not been done before, so that the body can continue to stimulate the body to burn more calories!


      Add some weight training 


      Many girls in the weight loss and slimming period are doing aerobic exercise, such as running, swimming, etc.. But in fact, to achieve the real effect is aerobic anaerobic at the same time oh! This is because aerobic exercise is to help consume fat, weight training is able to train our muscles. And Dora in the previous article has also mentioned a concept: the focus of slimming in fat loss not weight loss, so the appropriate amount of muscle is necessary to help improve our body metabolism indirectly!



      Observe the changes in the body, not the weight numbers

      When many girls see the number on the scale and see that their weight is still at the original number, they may think that they are really experiencing a stagnation period. But "weight stagnation" does not mean "thinness stagnation". It is advisable for girls to measure their waist and hip circumference, measure body fat, and wear smaller clothes to see if they have become loose, these are all good indicators that there is a change means that you are actually getting thinner! Unless the weight is overweight, in fact, girls do not need to be too concerned about the number on the weight gauge.

      Use diet to increase metabolism and break through stagnation

      Weight loss seven points by diet, three points by exercise

      Everyone's physical strength is different, so if girls can't do too much high-intensity exercise, Dora suggests that you can make some adjustments from the diet, such as changing the original way of eating, you can make slimming become twice as good with half the effort. To survive the stagnation period to improve the body's basic metabolic rate, this time girls can eat some good protein, such as fish, chicken breast, eggs, tofu, etc. are very good slimming good partner! But the premise is to remember to cook as light as possible, less oil, less salt as the main oh! Protein can help us to maintain muscle mass during weight loss, to avoid a decline in basal metabolic rate because of muscle loss; in addition, girls can also drink some unsweetened tea and black coffee to help burn fat to improve our body's metabolism.

      Dear girls, the above four small steps you understand it! As long as there is usually a little time to exercise, not excessive overeating, girls actually do not need to worry too much about themselves will become fat! If you care too much about the number on the scale, and then because of this and desperately crazy to do exercise or dieting, not only will bring bad effects on the body, but also greatly reduce the body's basic metabolism! Dora hopes that girls want to make themselves healthier and better, as the primary goal to exercise! The most important thing is that we hope girls can enjoy the process of exercise and the happiness it brings. Let Dora accompany you with healthy, happy exercise!

      Bedtime exercise 5 actions to be in place sleep well sleep full also can lose weight

      Bedtime exercise 5 actions to be in place sleep well sleep full also can lose weight

      Want to do a little exercise before bed, pay attention to the time and intensity, in order not to affect sleep. Many people are busy all day, only before bedtime to have time to do exercise, but before bedtime exercise is good? What sports are more suitable to do?

      Is it good to exercise before going to bed?

      Many people are worried that the bedtime exercise will affect sleep, and some people hope to lose weight through continuous daily bedtime exercise.

      Bedtime exercise is certainly good, but pay attention to the time and items of exercise. If you want to do more intense aerobic exercise or fitness, it is generally recommended that at least 3-4 before going to bed, in order not to affect sleep because of sympathetic neural hyperactivity or body temperature is too high. If you want to do some simple exercises before bed, I will be "not easy to sweat" local exercise as the main, such as side leg lifts, air bicycle, or yoga in the bridge, flat, etc., a little bit of core practice, but not too breathable or sweaty can be, and remember to do a good stretch, you can sleep peacefully.

      Where is it better to do exercise before bed?

      In my own case, most of the bedtime exercises are carried out in bed, but this is actually not correct, because everyone's bed is different in softness, too soft is easy to be injured, so it is recommended that if you have a yoga mat at home, it is best to lay it on the floor for bedtime exercises. Another cautionary tale to share is that I like to do my own bedtime exercise in my own room, after all, it is the most comfortable space for me, I can properly relax, and my body can also enter the sleep mode smoothly.

      Five kinds of small exercises suitable for bedtime

      Before starting the bedtime exercise, I will straighten one leg, the other leg plate on the groin, the body bend forward to stretch, then switch to the other leg stretch, let the body feel relaxed, then you can do the exercise you usually want to do, or refer to the few movements I often do oh.

      1,. Stick type, high flat type

      Exercise core muscles must be bar or high flat, these two movements need to be correctly applied from head to foot to train, but I will not force myself to do too many rounds before going to bed, basically feel tired to stop. This action please be carried out on the ground, arms down and shoulders aligned, the body will be propped up, remember that the shoulders are not overly concentrated, the abdomen tightened, from the side to feel their body like a flat slanted on the ground, the number of 3-4 eight beats can exit the action.

      2, Yu Yeh movement "bridge style".

      Bridge pose is a very common yoga pose, as it can stretch the abdomen and spine, improve sciatica and anterior pelvic tilt, and requires strength to hold the body up during the action, so it can be a small exercise of core strength. Suggested steps Step 1: Lie flat on the ground, bend your knees at a comfortable angle and place your arms at your sides. Step 2: Press your back flat to the ground and tighten your stomach in preparation. Step 3: Lift your hips, keep your body in a straight line, stay for 3-5 breaths and then return to a lying position.

      3, "Gezi-style".


      After sitting in the office all day, your lower body always feels bloated, so you can do some stretches before bed to relax your muscles and improve the circulation of your lower body, like I like to do the "pigeon pose" in yoga, which fully stretches the muscles from the buttocks to the thighs and has a beautiful butt effect! When you first start, your thighs will definitely feel sore, and those who are less flexible may even feel pain, but the more times you do it, the more you will know that it is a great exercise to soothe your hips and legs, and it is very comfortable.

      Suggested steps

      Step 1: Move your right calf forward as close to the front edge of the mat as possible and parallel to the front edge; your right knee is near your right wrist and your right ankle is near your left wrist. Step 2: Straighten the back leg behind the back and step on the ground with the toes, bringing the hip down close to the ground. Step 3: Straighten your back, stay for 5-8 breaths and then switch legs.


      4, air bicycle


      This is also a lot of people will do exercise at home, through the feet in the air pedal, the abdomen and back can be used to force. Before going to bed, I will pedal 50-100 times, especially when you can not sleep, help sleep! Step 3: Straighten your back, stay for 5-8 breaths and then switch legs.

      5, side leg opening and closing