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      NEW — lack of exercise

      Weight loss begins with understanding the body type! 4 kinds of body type so reduce more effective!

      Weight loss begins with understanding the body type! 4 kinds of body type so reduce more effective!

      Girls, have you ever tried even if you have eaten very little, regular exercise is still very difficult to lose weight? Is a slim and beautiful body shape natural or can you rely on the efforts of nature? Why do you keep gaining weight even though you don't eat much? In fact, before losing weight, we should first understand their own physique, choose the right exercise and diet for their physique. In this way, you can easily lose weight and get twice the result with half the effort!

      So girls who want to lose weight successfully but do not want to hurt their bodies, Dora suggests that you can start by understanding your own body type! Dora will also introduce 4 different types of body type for girls to refer to, girls come to see which body type you belong to below!

      -Know your body type


      -Frequently stay up late

      -Fear of cold, easily feel back pain

      -Have frequent urination

      2,Pressure type

      -Eating to relieve stress

      -Being in a stressful environment for a long time

      -Irregular menstruation

      3,Water swelling type

      -Easily swell when waking up in the morning

      -Eating cold food often

      -Tooth marks on both sides of the tongue


      -Pale face, easily dizzy

      -Feel tired easily

      -Poor memory

      -Slow metabolism

      Physical fitness determines what kind of exercise you are suitable for

      Exercise for disordered body types

      Pilates and Seamless leggings women

      Pilates has many benefits, not only can it match our breathing regulation, but also make the body curve more slim and slender. The important thing is! It does not produce the strong muscles that girls are afraid of! And it can also help improve our tone and immune system! In addition, Pilates is also a full range of exercises, so every part of the body can be exercised to Oh! Girls can do some simple yoga exercises before going to bed to help release stress and fatigue accumulated throughout the day. Through yoga, so that our body to achieve a full-body exercise, but also to help in sleep, to maintain metabolism, burn more fat Oh! These two exercises are recommended for girls with dysfunctional body types and can effectively enhance blood circulation.

      Exercise for stressful body types

      Girls with stressful body types are suitable for jogging and doing some aerobic exercises, such as jumping rope, hiking, swimming, etc., to help release stress and negative emotions. Moreover, running is a kind of exercise that does not cost money and can be done anytime and anywhere! More importantly, jogging can burn calories, strong bones, can also strengthen the immune system, relax the mood Oh!

      Exercise for an edematous body type

      Brisk walking and jogging are recommended for girls with an edematous body type. Brisk walking can help to lose excess body fat and enhance our cardiorespiratory function. In addition, when walking briskly, we should remember to cooperate with the arm swing, which can exercise the muscles of the whole body. Together with breathing, it can also help increase heart function, accelerate the elimination of excess water in the body, and improve the problem of edema!

      4 types of body type suitable for the diet
      Disordered body type
      It is recommended that girls with a disordered body type can eat more black foods to help replenish their kidney energy. Black food has high nutritional value, like black sesame, black rice, black dates, black beans, black fungus, kelp, etc.. Moreover, black food is rich in a variety of essential amino acids, often eaten to strengthen the body's heat, cold and fatigue resistance, but also help to improve the body's immunity and slow down the aging process!
      Stressed body type
      Stress type girls try to drink less sugary drinks, you can eat more liver food like goji berries, pumpkin, etc.. Pumpkin and wolfberry are very rich in nutrients. Eat more can play a very good role in protecting the health of the body. So the girls can eat more goji berries and pumpkin in ordinary life Oh!
      -Edematous body type
      Girls with edema can eat more dampness-eliminating foods such as black beans and barley. It is recommended that edema girls eat less cold food to effectively improve the problem of edema! Dora herself is also easy to edema body, so every morning after waking up will drink a cup of black coffee and red bean water, girls can try to see this method, very effective!

      -Deficient body type
      It is recommended that girls with a deficient physique pay attention to the regular rationing of meals, but also eat more food to replenish qi and blood, such as spinach, red meat and so on. These foods are very good for the body, health care spleen and stomach, on the qi deficiency has a very good regulating effect Oh!
      Girls, now you know what body type you belong to? Weight loss is important, but using the right method is the most important! I hope this article can give girls a deeper understanding of their own physique! Girls should remember that blind exercise does not make our bodies healthier, but may also bring us bad effects oh! Let the girls accompany you to eat healthy and move correctly together!

      How to choose a yoga mat?

      How to choose a yoga mat?

      How to choose a yoga mat? How to clean it? This is a question that many beginners will encounter. As long as you understand the material and thickness, you will be able to buy a suitable mat according to your personal needs. It is recommended to go to a physical store to choose a better mat, and the following is a list of 5 key points for you to choose a mat!

      -Is it necessary to buy a yoga mat?

      Before buying a yoga mat, you can think about why you want to buy one. Do you want to practice yoga poses, anaerobic training? Or do you simply want a local mat? Will you need to carry it around? Then you can think about which poses you do more often. Is it mainly stretching movements with sitting and lying? Or squatting and kneeling as the main endurance training? These are the influencing factors in your choice of mat. Perhaps some people will ask, with the smart puzzle, children's mats or carpet is not okay? I think there is still a difference, coincidentally, usually used to prevent collision, often 3-4 centimeters thick, and unless it is a special design manufacturers, otherwise the anti-slip effect is very poor; mats have a certain degree of softness and anti-slip force, but the size of the inconvenience of carrying is a problem.

      Yoga mat is a kind of plastic or rubber mats, the appearance of the human body in line with the width and length of the range designed for home exercise, its ability to protect human joints, reduce sports injuries, and easy to carry, so I think the determination to exercise the best or to buy a piece.


      2, yoga mat common materials
      Yoga mat is a good partner for exercise at home, please select a suitable mat for yourself according to your needs, selection skills include material, thickness, width, and even whether the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly should be taken into account! The common materials used in yoga mats are mainly natural rubber (NR), artificial rubber (NBR), environmentally friendly materials (TPE, POE, PER, etc.), PVC, etc. If you do not consider the price, non-toxic, non-slip, good grip natural rubber is the absolute first choice, but its weight is heavy and inconvenient to carry, depending on the acceptance of the individual to choose. Most of the yoga mats made of artificial rubber are thick and soft, very comfortable to step on, but often do jumping, squatting, balancing and other movements author is not suitable, after all, the stability of thick soft mats is not good, but it still depends on the way each manufacturer makes oh!
      Environmentally friendly materials such as TPE are considered to be one of the economical and affordable choices, with light weight, good stability, good non-slip and good grip. If you just want to try it out and don't know if you're interested, you can choose the cheap PVC material, but it usually has a poor non-slip effect and a serious plastic smell, so it depends on your personal choice.
      3,how to choose the thickness of yoga mat?

      The standard yoga mat thickness is 6mm (0.6cm), Seamless leggings women but on the market it is available from 3mm to 12mm, so how exactly should I choose? In Vira's experience, the standard 6mm is just right, and it can be used for almost any movement, but when kneeling, you will feel that the protection is not enough, and you need to fold the mat back twice. In addition, such as TPE material, because of its good elasticity, do not need to pick too thick can also achieve the protective effect, so not the thicker the better! Still depends on the characteristics of the material itself.

      If you really do not know how much thickness you fit, you can go to the sports center or yoga classroom to try on the yoga mat provided by the experience center, you will know better what specifications you like oh!


      4,yoga mat cleaning skimming


      Yoga mats are usually recommended to be wiped directly with water and cleaned once a week. If you are afraid of dirtiness, you can wipe them with cleaning solution or soapy water with a cloth, and avoid spraying alcohol or disinfectant directly to avoid damaging the rubber components. Some materials can be machine washed, please check before cleaning. A yoga mat can usually last 3-4 years when unopened, but after opening and using it, the life span of each person's mat varies due to the frequency of use and different cleaning methods.

      Finally, I hope that every girl who loves sports can pick her own mat!

      1. Go to a physical sporting goods store to buy, and feel and smell it yourself for the best peace of mind.

      2. Confirm whether the material and thickness meet your needs, it is recommended to choose the material first and then pick the thickness.

      3. personally use to see, check the anti-slip power, grip and stability (directly do the dog style will know).

      4. try to see if the weight of the mat after rolling together is acceptable.

      5. 5. If possible, choose a material that is waterproof, or does not stick when it encounters water.






      Can yoga help you lose weight? If you want to become a yoga girl, you must know these 5 things!

      Can yoga help you lose weight? If you want to become a yoga girl, you must know these 5 things!

      Yoga classes are everywhere, have you ever wanted to come and do yoga? Many people want to do yoga to lose weight, relax, and even meet new people, but some people think they have hard bones or are unable to sit still and reject yoga.

      Yoga is needed only when the muscles and bones are hard

      Stress, prolonged sitting and standing, and lack of exercise are all causes of stiff muscles and bones. I think I have very hard muscles. When I used to take the "seated forward bend" test in PE class at school, the teacher was always embarrassed by the flexibility results, so I was apprehensive about taking yoga. After the first class, I was able to put down the stone because there are beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of yoga, and the teacher will start with the poses that the beginner can master, so that the student can practice without being overburdened and without causing psychological stress.

      Avoid the competition mentality, do what you can


      In yoga, it's good to compare yourself to yourself. Personally, I'm better at hips and balance, but I'm weak at back flexibility and core. Then I realized that each body part has its own personality, and everyone is "good" at different postures, so it's really impossible to compare. If you are worried that you can't keep up, you can ask the teacher if there are any "alternative poses" you can choose from, so don't be a hero! The reason is that beginners are often not clear about their own abilities and limits, and some want to get it right at once, but get hurt instead, while others are too careful and do not practice what they should. It is recommended that you follow the steps and strengthen them step by step with your breathing, so that after a few repetitions, your body will continue to surpass itself and reach the most perfect state of posture.
      Breathe well
      Breathing is one of the most crucial exercises in yoga, so the teacher will lead us to meditate and calm our minds through "abdominal breathing", which uses "nasal inhalation and exhalation" to allow the breath to flow in and out of the body in a long and relaxed manner, which helps with the practice of postures. However,Seamless leggings women when it comes to meditation, one can't help but associate it with religion, which was also a slight concern of mine before I learned yoga, but both meditation and abdominal breathing do help to calm the nerves and make the movement smoother.
      Yoga is not a panacea for weight loss
      Should I buy expensive yoga clothes and mats to do yoga? I recommend that you keep practicing for a while to make sure you are interested in practicing before you buy them. For yoga, it's best to wear breathable, sweat-absorbing, not too loose or tight workout clothes for the upper body, as overly loose clothing can affect certain postures. It's best to wear tight, stretchy sweatpants for the lower half of your body. If you wear shorts for fear of exposure, wearing wide pants will affect the movement, so just wear breathable, stretchy and snug-fitting clothing to yoga class.