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      NEW — What should I do if I have a strain

      Road running focus strategy, sports girls must not know the 3 cautions!

      Road running focus strategy, sports girls must not know the 3 cautions!

      If you love road running, are you excited to take pictures after the race, only to find that your hair and makeup are a little tragic? Today we are going to share with you three tips for road running! You will be able to take pictures of your hair and makeup without any problems.

      Sports should not only be beautiful but also comfortable!

      The condition of pursuing makeup during sports is just beauty and comfort, having good-looking makeup can make you run seriously to exude confidence and glow, and comfort is the most important point for me personally, after all, road running time will be drenched in sweat, if you feel uncomfortable during road running not only affects sports performance, mood will also be greatly reduced! So remember that the purpose of makeup hair is to make yourself look clean and spirited, do not need too much decoration can also be very bright!

      Still tie the ponytail on the outdated

      Tying the ponytail is indeed one of the simple and fast methods, and is a classic in the hearts of many boys, but you have thought of a little thought to transform the hair, you can make people's eyes bright and comfortable! Today we are going to recommend a very suitable for road running hairstyle.
      My personal favorite hairstyle is the simple and durable three braids, and then divided into the left and right side of the tie, three braids not only has a sweet and beautiful shape, in the braid only need to practice a few times and you can easily get the hang of it (I believe that handicapped I have learned you can certainly! The advantage of two braids is that they are more balanced during running, unlike the ponytail that keeps flopping around during running, which makes the head and neck sore and causes too much burden, and the flopping ponytail also tends to come loose, compared to two braids that are more complete and durable and not easily deformed, so you can run freely from head to tail!
      Can I wear makeup during exercise?
      I want to put on makeup when I exercise, but I'm afraid that when I exercise, my body temperature rises and my pores open up, causing makeup, dirt and oil to enter my pores, clogging my pores and forming terrible acne and pimples on my face.
      I personally do not recommend wearing heavy makeup to sports, because in addition to causing great damage to the skin, the sticky feeling caused by sweat on the face makes me feel very uncomfortable, and also makes people feel a little bit awkward when they take off their makeup...but if you just can't go out to sports with your face on, what can you do? Purple Ching suggests using a fresh, oil-free color barrier cream, and it's important to choose a product with an SPF factor! Because it can prevent UV damage to the skin, prevent skin aging, and then is to draw on the eyebrows, can make people look more spirit, it is recommended that you can rub a layer of "eyebrow raincoat" to prevent eyebrow makeup off, if you want to add some color can be a little liquid blush and lipstick, in fact, the movement to a degree, the face will naturally look very good, the above is to provide you with a sports pseudo-skin The above is to provide you with a way to fake your face during exercise, but it is still necessary to thoroughly remove makeup and clean your skin after exercise.
      Tips for taking beautiful photos of sports
      Girls who have experience in road running should know that in addition to the enthusiastic cheering team along the way, there are also a group of hard-working photographers, in order to capture beautiful photos in a short period of time in addition to the photographer's skills, what methods can girls master?
      I'm going to share the tips for taking beautiful sports photos! My personal experience is to observe whether there are cameras in the distance, usually placed on both sides of the runway, so will try to jog along the runway, once you find the photographer will begin to slow down, adjust the breathing, and then you can wave to the photographer in the distance, to love than any action can be, the purpose is to allow the photographer to find you, the key is not to forget to show your bright smile to the camera, ah, great! The photographer will help the girls to capture several beautiful shots!
      1.Remind girls to join the road race, remember to make sure to clearly pin the number cloth issued by the conference on your clothes, some races provide just enter your number after the race, you can easily and quickly find your beautiful photos!
      2.Remind the girls not to neglect safety when running for pictures. There are a lot of people running on the road, so you should be careful not to push others or obstruct the road, and pay more attention to the road, and be especially careful not to trip over the cat's eye on the road.

      Fitness|The next day of retraining is so sore! Can I go to the gym again?

      Fitness|The next day of retraining is so sore! Can I go to the gym again?

      The next day after retraining muscle soreness, feel not too much force ...... Is the muscle growing or is it a muscle strain? Shouldn't I rest for a while? The reason for the muscle soreness is clear before you make a decision!


      Do I have a strain or soreness?

      After training, soreness starts to occur the next day, we call this phenomenon delayed soreness, delayed soreness is the discomfort caused by small injuries after training. This small injury is the starting point for muscle growth, and the small injury allows the body to heal itself and grow stronger muscle fibers. And this kind of soreness is usually able to continue training. But if it's a strain, it's not good, strains are divided into mild, moderate and severe muscle strains.

      Mild strain: The muscle fibers are mildly damaged and will recover in about two to three weeks. Pain will be felt when pressing or exerting force.

      Moderate strain: Moderate damage to the muscle fibers, but the fibers are not completely broken and will recover in about three to six weeks.

      Severe strains: complete rupture of the muscle, usually requiring surgical repair and healing time of three months or more

      The most common confusion is between mild strain and delayed soreness, so how do you tell the difference? There is a difference between the two if you feel more carefully. Muscle soreness will usually feel sore and tight, with a feeling that the muscles can't be pulled apart and usually only every other day, lasting less than a week. The muscle strain will feel tingling, hot, and a feeling of weakness. Immediately after the injury, or a few hours later, the duration will be more than a week.

      Now we know that the simple muscle soreness is still able to continue to exercise, that exercise need to pay attention to what?

      When the muscles are still sore, because there are still small injuries and discomfort, affecting sports performance is certain, it is not advisable to exercise for too long or do high-intensity sports, if you do not pay proper attention, a careless may really become a sports injury need to rest a few weeks! Finally, we also want to remind you that although the non-strain pain is able to continue to exercise, but muscle growth is required to repair in order to grow, continuous damage plus the accumulation of fatigue will only cause a vicious cycle, so do not forget to moderate rest!

      What should I do if I have a strain

      If the injury is severe, or if there is immobility, open wounds, or loss of consciousness, then seek professional medical attention immediately. For minor strains, it is not recommended to rest completely after the injury. After a few days of injury, it is recommended to move around as much as you can. Why do you say that?

      1,Do not let the muscles atrophy because they are not moving.

      2,Allow the brain to update the data of the affected area at all times to prevent it from being overprotected by the brain after recovery.

      3, Moderate activity can increase blood circulation and help self-healing.

      4,A little movement can make the tissue grow more neatly and beautifully. For example, stretch the injured muscle slightly, for about 30 seconds each time, and repeat 5 times. The injured muscle should be trained slowly from lighter strength to heavier strength and should not feel any special pain during the process.

      Today's part of the strains will be briefly discussed with you here, the strains are still very profound, so I will help you to do more detailed introduction when I have the opportunity to further study and compile a set of information! If you really want to know, there is almost always a lot of literature on muscle strains in the rehabilitation departments of hospitals, so you might as well try to study it!